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The-golden-age-of-dataFinancial services is a data-intensive industry in which banks and insurance companies have historically held large quantities of information.
Opportunities for banks and insurers are now almost unlimited and the use of data will be a strong differentiator in the future competitiveness of financial institutions.

Designed to force competition in the banking market by making the banking data available to new types of financial services providers, Open Banking initiatives were initiated by several regulators, creating new opportunities for value propositions and better serving customers based on their data.

Whilst the uptake is slow in some markets due to the need to develop consumer confidence in data sharing, Open Banking is already evolving into Open Finance, like in the UK, as the roll-out of APIs and the availability of data is extended to additional products and services.

Topics covered include:

  • The status and evolution of Open Banking and Open Finance around the world 
  • Economic context and short-term trends
  • Open banking and open data combined with analytics to create value and transform data into “gold”
  • Use cases including Open Banking and Open Finance applications
  • Three success stories from CRIF Digital to learn more about the tangible benefits of open banking solutions.

As new technologies enable full access to unstructured data, new opportunities for financial services are emerging, especially in the era of Open Banking and Open Finance.

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