Insurers and insurance distributors are seeking new ways to re-engage with customers across all lines of business in order to not only demonstrate their relevance and value now, but equally importantly for the post-Covid environment.

Ways of working and living are changing and the expectations of the insurance consumer have developed in line with these changes. A key indicator of how well an insurer or distributor might perform post-pandemic will be the degree to which they embrace digital tools as a way to run their business, as well as to interact with customers.


What are digital consumer expectations?

Today’s digital consumer expects a frictionless experience and complete convenience in all their transactions. Amazon delivers a customer centric journey where a purchase can be made in just a few clicks and arrives on the doormat within 24 hours.

Customer buying behaviour data is used to offer the customer a personalised experience with relevant alternatives and additional associated products presented in a non-intrusive manner which is perceived as added value.


What can help insurers and distributors meet the digital challenge?

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