Do you trade online?
you share, store and access data via the Internet?


You are exposed to cyber risk.




Identify cyber risk before cyber attack, data breach or business interruption actually happen.

With KYND ON, you can take a step further and proactively manage your cyber risk today.
KYND’s pioneering technology and products have been developed with one aim in mind and that is to stop cyber risk from affecting any business across all sectors and industries, quickly and simply.

Cyber risk management in 4 simple steps

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    website name

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    See clearly and simply the cyber risks facing
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    Find out how
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KYND ON is always on, taking care of your online security. It constantly monitors your cyber risk and alerts you to new and potential risks as they arise.

What does KYND do for you?

Our mail security checker can tell you whether your emails are spoofable and help prevent your business falling victim to phishing scams or business email compromise.

The cyber risk landscape is constantly changing, new threats can emerge daily. KYND regularly scans for new risks to your business.

KYND tracks down all the web Domains you own, including some you may have forgotten about or weren’t even aware of!

Hackers prey on businesses running Internet Services that are out of date or have known vulnerabilities – KYND won’t let this be you!

Never let customers be scared away by warnings of expired or invalid certificates, secure transactions won’t run on your site – KYND tracks this across all your sites!

By placing a unique, secret record into your most sensitive databases, KYND can notify you the instant there is a breach.

KYND will alert you instantly if hackers use your site to host fake ‘phishing’ pages or infect visitors with malware.

Want to know how you measure up? Let KYND show you where you are ahead or falling behind, compared to similar companies.

KYND ON now integrates with your organisation’s Office 365 cloud environment to retrieve recommended security actions across all your Microsoft apps.

Our friendly KYND team is here to support you by email or intercom and will help you fix any risks we find.

How does it work?



Our technology is constantly scanning to provide expert insight into a company’s cyber risk exposure.



Using a simple traffic light system, the KYND risk profile highlights in red or amber any areas where the business could be exposed.



If part of your business is vulnerable, we help you take action to stop potential cyber risks turning into a real attack.

What does KYND ON include?

For a discounted price of just £19* per month - £228 per year, you can take control of cyber risk and prioritise actions based on your risk exposure.

  • Mail security checker
  • Cloud security checker
  • Domain discovery & risk analysis
  • Service discovery & risk analysis
  • Data breach protection
  • Comparative risk profile
  • Phishing and malware risk
  • Sites and certificates risk
  • Instant results
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Customer support

*VAT excluded.

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