"Our identity is one of our most valuable assets and protecting that identity, especially in an online world is critical."



What are the 5 most common types of identity theft?

Identity theft can take a number of forms. These include:
1. the physical theft of personal possessions and mail, giving access to personal information;
2. hacking software used to steal personal information from computers and smart phones;
3. cold-calling or vishing, where fraudsters pretend to be a genuine business checking personal details;
4. phishing where fraudsters send an email posing as a reputable company and ask the recipient to download a link which then allows them to access personal details;
5. data breaches, where customer information is stolen from a service organisation.


Research by virtual private network comparison site Top10VPN.com at the time of the last Cifas report in April 2018 revealed that fraudsters operating on the dark web could buy a person's entire identity for just £820.

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