Re-starting, stabilising, and adjusting to a new normal, is likely to be a top priority for most insurance providers at the moment.

This will bring real challenges for many, as they try to adapt to new workflows, staffing capacity, credit flows, remote-working and regulatory obligations, while at the same time attempting to balance the books.

When it comes to managing SME risks, pre-crisis data won’t be sufficient for evaluating your clients. However, it’s possible to gather accurate information at point of sale and renewal, in order to appropriately assess and price risks.


Topics covered:

  • Uncovering and understanding information about any business and its stakeholders in the UK or across the world.
  • Macro-economic forecasts about the likely business impacts on SMEs.
  • Identifying and managing SME risks.
  • The importance of enhanced early warning triggers.
  • Pre and post-Covid scorecards.
  • Unlocking open banking opportunities to deepen your relationships with SME clients.
  • Screening new customers.
  • AML, compliance and due-diligence.

Download for free the 16-page SME Playbook by CRIF and find out how it’s possible to optimise risk assessment and pricing at point of sale and renewal through data and insights.